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A commercial kitchen, the arty way

It is always intriguing to see new avenues coming up that allow commercial kitchen equipment segment to flourish. One such avenue is the concoction of food with art, especially by setting up commercial kitchens.

In fact, Customized Kitchen India Pvt. Ltd. aka CKI was fascinated to learn that the world famous Tate Modern in London, the UK—a museum known for its modern and contemporary art—is inclined to have a kitchen set-up that is modern too, to suit its modern needs to service customers.

Now you would think what a museum has to do with food. Please feel free to browse on internet. Or better, you read this.

Being one of the most visited art galleries in the world for modern and contemporary art, Tate Modern invariably gets a lot of demand for quality food and drinks throughout the day. And, it actually serves a huge number of customers every day. It goes an extra mile when it comes to serving its guests.

As per the website of the museum, its mission is to… increase the public’s enjoyment and understanding of British art from the 16th century to the present day and of international modern and contemporary art. But, Customized Kitchen India Pvt. Ltd. feels, it has gone beyond to give a different taste to its visitors.

Yes, the address—Tate Modern, Bankside, London, SE1 9TG—would engulf you with its Café, which gives an array of exquisite sandwiches, light meals, drinks, stretching from breakfast till dinner using myriad kitchen appliances.

Fresh ingredients and smoothies are really good to go for. Moreover, the Café sources, blends and roasts coffee on site, while other fresh stuffs that make people happy go through ‘the love for cooking’ routines at the Tate Modern kitchens. On the other hand, Boiler House Espresso Bar serves Tate coffee, tea, cold drinks and snacks.

But what about its kitchen that has caught the attention of CKI? Well, it is Tate Modern’s intention.

In order to install a massive 1,500 sq m of central kitchen, at the museum situated in a former power station on the South Bank in London, it has selected four UK companies. That’s dedication toward achieving the best and bringing a variety in approach.

Still, there must be some unique characteristics of the Tate Modern kitchen, you would ask…

There are a lot…

The kitchen caters to a vast number of visitors to the museum and hence needs an efficient working kitchen. To begin with there’s a temperature-controlled food preparation areas, from vegetables and pastries to meat and fish. Here, the associated storage facilities, which are wirelessly monitored, include eight cold rooms and two freezer rooms.

According to report, the kitchen will have eco-friendly heat recovery systems. The company had to go for high-end equipment that could address their concerns of hygienic, robust and highly demanding commercial kitchen needs. Add further the need for temperature control remote monitoring in real time.

CKI wants to bring the attention of readers that the world is embracing technology like never before, even in commercial kitchen equipment segment.

It is good to know that this kind of a development would help companies that are supplying commercial kitchens and catering equipment, and we expect it to happen in India as well.

In the hospitality industry, having quality equipment become pertinent for the success of restaurant outlets, hotels, and overall outcome of potential future ventures of hospitality establishments.

Quality equipment mean quality food and success rolled into one.