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About us

About us

Commercial Kitchen Equipments Dealer in Delhi

As I peep into my past, I could see myself fighting many small battles, going through ups and downs, dodging palpitations, taking humble steps… these were part of my journey along with Customized Kitchen India Pvt. Ltd. (CKI). It was April 2013 when we started our journey together; we were confident, yet nervous to begin with.

From the small beginning that we had, I feel happy and satisfied to have reached this far today – CKI emerging into a steadily growing leading brand in the world of commercial kitchen equipment within the purview of food processing industry.

Having served the hospitality industry and food service equipment segment for over a decade, and across diverse segments, I believe that remarkable customer service standard can only be established by selling good products and offering sound services, perfected with the passion of hard work.

Three years down the line when we started, I can proudly claim that CKI Professional has never taken any short route and successfully emerged as one such company that sticks to its motto word-by-word to offer quality kitchen equipment.

It is not a small feat to have a company, probably the first Indian commercial kitchen equipment company, in Delhi NCR, which offers 18-month warranty on its products. I feel proud about this fact and that I have headed this company, which is also known for offering free designing, free installation and free shipment.

 In an era of quick delivery, CKI Professional has been at its prompt best; it provides not only quality kitchen equipment, but also backs them with timely service and judicious maintenance.

This approach is carried out across projects that we undertake irrespective of the volume of business we do in the domain of food service equipment. We have set a standard and continuously strive to maintain that at any cost.

There is a constant flow of information as part of kitchen equipment R&D that pushes our boundaries by give the best of technology know-how to our customers, on par with the global trends.

However, all of this couldn’t have been achieved had there been no support from our loyal customers. They have been our strength, our inspiration. Their demands have motivated us to achieve the best and made our name in the food processing industry.

CKI really appreciates the relationship that its customers have extended by entrusting their faith in the company. I hope the association continues forever, as both CKI Professional and its customers having commercial kitchens grow in their respective horizons.

Please feel free to contact me, and I’ll be happy to extend a hand of cooperation, ensuring that you achieve success using our services as commercial kitchen equipment manufacturer.

I cannot end my note without paying my respect to the Almighty God. He has always ensured that we take the best approach, for us, our clients and our people. Thank you.


Tarun Raj

CEO & Founder