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Annual Maintenance Contracts or AMC have become a norm in commercial kitchens. No matter where you are maintaining a kitchen, it would surely have costly food processing machinery and commercial kitchen appliances that demand regular maintenance.


Without proper upkeep, these equipment are bound to give you less output and could eventually affect your profitability by increasing cost.


CKI identifies with this problem with companies that have to constantly look out for quality professionals to maintain their equipment and commercial kitchens.


Hence, we offer AMC that not only add value to your commercial kitchen equipment, but also keeps your operations hassle-free throughout the year.


Our AMC gives you the freedom from long downtime, as our engineers will address your problems within hours. We are a service-oriented company, and provide best customer relationship experience for you.


CKI is the only company that offers 18 months warranty period on its kitchen equipment. This is in itself a pioneering effort that ensures that you gain the maximum while you are new in the catering business.


It is the time when you invest a lot of capital in commercial kitchen equipment and compete to become a force in the food processing industry.


This way, you are saved of any extra expense should you face any problem with our equipment, which we seldom come across.


As a leading commercial kitchen equipment manufacturers in India we offer a unique AMC tailored to benefit you the best by offering genuine spares that are included in the AMC package.

Our professionals, at a nominal cost, will keep a routine check of the health of your kitchen equipment, and suggest timely actions to keep them up and running, giving you the maximum service, consistently.


For a nominal charge, our mechanics will give regular maintenance visits to ensure smooth functioning of your kitchen. So don’t hesitate and call us to remain hassle-free.