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Creating a Competitive Zone With a Voice of its Own

Our experience in the last few months gives us the feeling that Customized Kitchen India (CKI) has churned the commercial kitchen equipment segment significantly. It has been able to create a sense of constant need to do something that brings attention in some form or another. And this is not merely about CKI, it is happening all across. Different companies are now aggressively marketing their products and a few are going overboard without realizing what they are up to or what wrong they are doing to themselves in order to grab headlines.

For a growing company like ours, we focused on not only creating value propositions for our customers, but also focusing on customer interactions. We have been constantly putting efforts to bridge the gap that generally exists between a seller and a purchaser. CKI has been extremely vocal about reaching out to all of its customers and taking active honest feedback from them to improve up on quality deliverance in every facet of our value chain. Seeing our active promotions and offline marketing activities apart from other on online media platforms, many of our competitors are promoting their products, which they didn’t do for many years. For us, it is nothing about being concern, as they expect us to feel. CKI is on a path of going beyond competition—we know we will win our share and are therefore confident—and creating scope for the F&B industry to take note of the importance of equipment sector, its role in the development of the industry. Hence, when our competitors started exploring their horizons, we cheered. While they thought they are taking on us, we saw this as a great move for the F&B industry to see our collective strength. Commercial Kitchen Equipment Manufacturers, Hotels Kitchen Equipment Manufacturers

Hence, the creation of a competitive zone has worked in our favor from all directions. It’s a pity that many fail to figure this aspect out and only look at CKI in one-dimensional manner. We hope, a time will come when commercial kitchen equipment players will realize the importance of being collective in our approaches in a big industry like F&B, just like the way restaurants join forces when they go through challenges that may affect one or all. We can learn a lot from them.

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