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Exhaust Hood Ducting & Fresh air solutions

Commercial Kitchen Chimney Manufacturers

In commercial kitchens, exhaust systems and ducting play a critical role. Smoke and waste air created during cooking need to be quickly disposed out to offer a cleaner working environment for chefs inside kitchens.

Therefore, CKI proposes proper suppression system in commercial kitchen equipment environment.


Industrial kitchen equipment set-ups

Allowing air to flow freely in a hotel kitchen equipments or restaurant kitchen through open ventilation is not possible all the time in a commercial kitchen establishment set-up.

Hence, exhaust systems and ducting need to be looked as a primary need while designing industrial kitchen equipment set-ups.


Improving equipment efficiency

It is extremely vital for the life of kitchen equipment as well, as it lessens the deposit of grease on them.


Further, it is easy to earn success of a kitchen/an outlet/an establishment with maintained commercial kitchen appliances that run efficiently for a long period, giving maximum value on investments.


Good results have been achieved in the past by CKI by installing good exhaust systems with efficient ducting and fresh air solutions.


CKI also provides professional guidance in the design, construction, installation, testing, commissioning, operation and mechanical ventilation systems in all commercial kitchens.