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Food Courts

Commercial Kitchen Appliances Manufacturer

Commercial Kitchen Appliances Manufacturers: The changing needs of the times have led to the concept of food courts… an experience of a dining zone where you can simply pick up and choose the kind of food you want to have under one roof, and from different food outlets/brands.

This has also increase the scope of commercial kitchen Appliances with the need of restaurant kitchens.

Changing needs of kitchen Appliances

More than two decades ago, this concept was unheard of in India. But now food court is ubiquitous; it can be found in most malls, hyper-shopping zones and in buildings with high density of corporate offices. All of them need quality kitchen equipment from leading Commercial kitchen Equipment manufacturer, for example Customized Kitchen India Pvt. Ltd.

Dining out, a lifestyle need

Dining out has become a routine for the average working class. The lifestyle has changed and having food in a restaurant or food outlet without getting involved in preparing it is one thing that everyone loves to indulge into—whether there’s a reason or no reason.

Food court commercial kitchens

With the rising scope of food courts in Delhi NCR, there is a demand for high quality commercial kitchen equipment for food courts to serve high customer traffic. And CKI kitchen equipment are very much applicable to the needs of a modern food court commercial kitchen.

Commercial kitchen appliances supplier

Commercial Kitchen Appliances Suppliers: The needs of a commercial kitchen appliances might not be drastically different from a restaurant kitchen, but due to specification (read space) constraints, a food court commercial kitchen manufacturers has to be well-versed with the possible situations.

Hence, CKI manufactures commercial cooking range, commercial pizza oven, commercial gas stove, etc., keeping in mind the needs of food courts commercial cooking equipments.

Commercial kitchen appliances Manufacturers: We offer a complete range of gas & electrically operated equipment for the preparation area, cooking area, dish washing area (dish washing machine), refrigeration area (commercial refrigerator), storage area, dining area, etc.

Kitchen equipment choices

In fact, CKI ensures that an entrepreneur investing in a food court kitchen doesn’t have to look for dine-in furniture, cooking equipment, bakery equipment, etc., at different places; we offer all sorts of equipment and furniture needed in food courts under one roof.

The quality of commercial kitchen appliances we work on gets defined by the usability we bring to the table. Be it design, best of commercial kitchen equipment, ease to complement any personal cooking convenience… we address all concerns.

CKI’s ability to offer consistent quality in showcasing best in catering equipment design make it a name to reckon with in commercial kitchen appliances segment.

Experience in food processing machinery

The number of years we have spent dealing with food processing machinery for the food processing industry gives us the edge over other kitchen appliances manufacturer, supplier. Therefore, our brands have been able to establish themselves delivering quality kitchen equipment.

CKI is the foremost food court commercial kitchen equipment manufacturers in Delhi India, having a team of sensitive professionals who understand being a part of a customer-friendly organization.

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