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Go green with modern refrigeration

In the service industry, commercial refrigeration equipment play an important role. Temperature-controlled approach is a necessary factor in food service and chefs rely on refrigeration heavily for their desired output.

Not only that refrigeration solutions have become the spine for food and beverage production (read storage and preservation), today, even food distribution (like in air catering, or food being supplied from a central kitchen to various restaurant outlets) have to completely rely significantly on quality refrigeration equipment for sound operations.

In the next five years, according to a recent report, the industrial refrigeration equipment market around the world could generate revenue of US$ 61.44 billion by 2021 end, growing at a CAGR of slightly above 9% between 2016 and 2021.

Going by the figures, refrigeration market will see more innovations taking place in future. Customized Kitchen India (CKI) feels that the market in India is going to be equally attractive and vibrant as the hospitality sector and food processing sector progress toward a new horizon.

In fact, the scope of refrigeration has increase manifold over the last two decades. Food and beverages (F&B) as a segment has seen an escalated growth due to our changing lifestyle, merchandising preferences, etc., leading to demand for upmarket grocery stores and convenience stores as well.

Indian cities are imbibing supermarkets, mall culture, and also innovative ways of accessing food through food portals, to satiate their desires.

This food approach, or rather the concept of purchasing food, has turned into a revolution increasing the scope of quality refrigeration equipment too.

Needless to say, hotels, restaurants, food courts, hospitals, and cafeterias/canteens require refrigeration equipment, from a free-standing option to heavy cold storage, for sound commercial kitchen operation.

Simultaneously, there is emphasis on current refrigeration equipment to be ‘green’. CKI, in fact, focuses a lot on creating designs that are eco-friendly and apt for 24×7 commercial kitchens by meeting environment regulations and energy efficient refrigeration equipment criteria.

Irrespective of whether we are manufacturing different types of commercial refrigeration that include refrigerated merchandisers, bar refrigeration, walk-in refrigerators and freezers, reach-in refrigerators and freezers and under counter refrigerators, we take into account clients’ demands and viewpoints. We try to understand their on-site needs and accordingly craft their requirements.

Commercial refrigeration is one of the fastest growing segment in the commercial kitchen equipment category. Transport refrigeration, beverage refrigerators and others equipment are finding their existence more than ever before in the industrial refrigeration equipment market and commercial kitchens.

CKI suggests its clients to identify their needs, energy requirements, etc., that will help determine the right kind of refrigeration equipment for their kitchens. Energy usage should remain one of the foremost criterion, meeting the operation needs as well.

Try investing in energy efficient refrigeration that could be customized to your needs, and see if the machines of future can give you a long-term life cycle that you need to support your bottom lines.

Be demanding when it comes to achieving an efficient kitchen. Always!

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