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Suppliers of Hotel Kitchen Equipmet

Suppliers of Hotel Kitchen Equipmet

Hotel Kitchen Equipment Manufacturers

Best Hotel kitchen equipment manufacturers – The use of commercial kitchen equipment in a hotel kitchen has always been prominent. Therefore, CKI has always given importance to hotel kitchen equipment. It has been a pioneer in offering products and services that suit the desired needs of chefs, tailored to perfect requirement of a 24×7 environment. We are the known name in the city as best hotel kitchen equipment manufacturers, Hotels Kitchen Equipment Supplier.

Hotel Kitchen – Understanding clients’ needs

Most of the staff at CKI are trained professionals having a background of hospitality industry and food processing industry that give them an edge while planning sound commercial kitchen for our clients. This gives CKI a vantage point to understand clients’ requirements easily and sketch their kitchen equipment list that they need.

At the present juncture, our company has evolved as the foremost player among the commercial kitchen equipment manufacturers, hotel kitchen equipment manufacturers in India. We offer a diverse range of hotel kitchen equipment, including freestanding ranges, restaurant oven, commercial oven, bakery equipment and custom fabricated island kitchens.

Our offerings address the needs of different chefs and their personal ways of manning their commercial kitchens. We understand what is desired from a commercial kitchen equipment manufacturer for hotels.

Exhaustive range of Hotel Kitchen equipments

There is an exhaustive list of equipment that we cater to: catering equipment, commercial refrigerator, dish washing machine, commercial cooking range, commercial stove, commercial gas range, commercial gas stove, commercial bakery equipment, gas stove commercial, restaurant kitchen equipments, etc.

CKI also addresses the concerns of hotels for ovens. We provide commercial oven, restaurant oven, commercial pizza oven, commercial bakery oven, pizza oven commercial, commercial microwave oven, etc.

Sound Hotel kitchen equipments designs

Hotels Kitchen Equipment Supplier: Any food service equipment company is expected to address the needs of global hospitality chains and the standards they maintain world over. Hence, we keep international benchmark in mind while delivering commercial kitchen appliances.

It is widely known that a hotel environment is a challenging one. It is multi-layered, and its working styles — especially in commercial kitchens — change with time. Hence, kitchen designs demand a lot of attention in order to achieve flexible system architecture that could adapt to change easily.

Hotels kitchen equipment projects

By working with small to big hotels across the country, CKI has been able to deliver its services on these parameters. It aims at delivering services for hotel kitchen projects and also achieve integration to successfully achieve results in specialized fabricated kitchen equipment and commercial kitchen appliances. We have even earned a name as one of the foremost commercial pizza oven manufacturers, hotels kitchen equipment suppliers.

Best Hotels Kitchen Equipment Supplier

CKI offers a full line of Commercial Kitchen Equipment for hotels that includes everything from freestanding ranges to custom island suites. The appreciated compact design allows chefs to assemble the perfect lineup of commercial kitchen equipments or create a full suite to complement any personal cooking style according to chef.

Best Hotel Kitchen Equipment Manufacturers: Over the years, we have served many hotels chains and have been, since, remained their preferred choice as the commercial kitchen equipment manufacturers in India, based at Delhi NCR. We are proud for having done key hotel kitchen equipment projects for Sarovar Portico, Hotel Arif Castles and Club Mahindra.

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