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Kitchen & Bar Layout Planning

Commercial Kitchens Equipment Manufacturer – Bar and Restaurant Layout and Design Services

In the current scenario of F&B, commercial kitchens equipment need to be decorative as well as practical in their approaches, especially from the point of view of kitchens & bar layout planning.


However, every project demands a different sort of approach as per the décor, type of customers and menu planning of the outlet. And more importantly, the types of industrial kitchens equipment that are to be used in the set-up.


Improved kitchen workflow

CKI gives importance to each of these aspects to make a project successful. Improvised kitchen equipment are tailored to the needs of establishments that give maximum mileage to their kitchens and hotel kitchen equipment or kitchen equipment list that is in demand therein, offering practical benefits.


We ensure that space is utilized in an optimum manner so that the hotels, restaurants, canteens, etc., gain the highest value from our services.


Commercial kitchen: innovation and R&D

In hospitality projects, especially, a commercial kitchen is considered the heart that pumps in the revenue. Therefore, we have always innovated and carried out R&D to identify best kitchens equipment or food processing machinery for smooth workflow in industrial kitchens for maximum efficiency in food-related establishments.


Experienced AutoCAD designers

The trained designing staff of CKI give the best professional approach that a hotel kitchen or restaurant kitchen deserves for every task/project that we work on. Our planning gives attention to minutest of details while crafting Auto CAD designs of commercial kitchen layouts. CKI is scientific in its approach, which is based on the movements in kitchens, establishing a smooth workflow.


We give pivotal importance to space… the way it is used and the way it is left as is for you to be creative. CKI firmly relates to the fact that identifying both the equipment and free space is integral to the success of a key kitchens & bar layout planning.

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