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Love and respect for kitchens and equipment

We wouldn’t name this restaurant company or where it is located, or for that matter in which region of the world, but would like to highlight through a case how a commercial kitchen plays a big role when a restaurant company goes bankrupt or choose to sell its assets or kitchen equipment or kitchen appliances for liquidation.

Recently, a restaurant company was on sale. And believe us, the list for auction of equipment for this company was huge. It dealt in alcoholic drinks as well and had a repertoire of amazing equipment. Now, if a company is going for an auction, it has to have quality equipment to get maximum return, right!

This commercial kitchen had espresso machine, coffee grinder, salamander, deep fryer, stainless steel benching and shelving throughout kitchen area, including sinks, racks, splash backs, dishwasher bend, etc. (And we are not even mentioning the numbers)

Further, it had stainless steel under bench refrigerator, six-burner gas range and oven, two-burner gas griddle, commercial microwave, vertical freezer, pass through dishwasher, meat slicer, kitchen aid bench top mixer, heated cabinet, turbo fan oven, mixer and blender, refrigerator, glass washer and cool room racking.

If that was not enough, it had equipment and appliances from bar and restaurant set-up that consisted—refrigerators, ice machines, scales, cafe tables, cafe chairs, folding cafe tables, wicker outdoor chairs, outdoor heaters, dining chairs, bar tables and bar stools, tub chairs, coffee tables, televisions and many more.

But why is Customized Kitchen India talking about some company that auctioned its equipment and enjoyed liquidity? Well, there is a reason.

It is all about “well-maintained working equipment” that companies “should” have.

Had unattractive equipment—which do not work properly—hogged the company’s kitchen, an auction would have been a rosy imagination far away from reality. Nobody would like to claim ownership for a product (and pay for it as well) that is ill-maintained.

Thankfully, the company had ensured that while the operations were on… the maintenance was also kept on par with the best.

Therefore, for a commercial kitchen, it is pertinent to have an annual maintenance contract (AMC) with a reliable company like Customized Kitchen India Pvt. Ltd.

We understand how much of capital goes into setting up an operational commercial kitchen with kitchen equipment set-ups. We respect equipment. And we want our customers and followers to do the same.

Remember, maintained equipment will always be a good proposition for you in future. Not only will your operational cost be less, it would be valued at a higher side when you plan to sell it off to upgrade with a better one.

So start loving you equipment, start polishing it for a shine in your kitchen. Be proud to display your kitchen to whosoever wants to visit it (even customers in your restaurant). The time has gone when kitchen used to be shabby place to cook and hide.

It is time to reflect your organization’s character and ethos…. through supreme kitchens and commercial kitchen equipment, and having AMCs for their upkeep is sensible.

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